18 June 2014

Trenow Cove Dairy

At the Godolphin Arms we believe in supporting local industry and using local suppliers as much as possible. Each day we receive milk from Trenow Cove Dairy - probably one of the smallest commercial dairies in the UK, and only half a mile up the coast at Perranuthnoe. 

Every evening Daisy, Buttercup, Primrose, Lily, Snowflake and Gwinny, can be seen eating their tea overlooking St Michael’s Mount, as this photo illustrates.

Karen Wall, owner of Trenow Cove Dairy, came to the cow business later in life, following a career in the NHS, and had not initially planned to run a commercial dairy. She started Trenow Cove Dairy with three overgrown fields – shoulder height with blackthorn and bramble from hedge to hedge. Karen says “I couldn’t stand to see these little fields so overgrown when previous generations toiled with hand tools and horses to work them and keep them as working fields”. After much hard work Karen managed to get the fields cleared and grassed out – but how to keep the grass down? Karen decided cows were perfect – but not beef cows - in Karen’s words, “I didn’t want to kill them (although I do like roast beef) – so I decided on dairy cows.”

Buttercup and Daisy were Karen’s first two cows, with Daisy producing Karen’s first home bred calf, Snowdrop. Karen has ten cows in total and they are all Whitebred Shorthorn’s, of which it may amaze you to learn, that there are fewer breeding females in the world than there are Giant Panda’s. The other name for the Whitebred Shorthorn is the Cumberland White – a British indigenous breed in need of protection. They come from the Scottish Borders and Cumbria, and were almost entirely wiped out in the 1968 foot and mouth outbreak. Karen’s cows obviously love and thrive on the Cornish soil and as Karen says, “I just love my cows who all respond to their names when I call them, and are always so pleased to see me.”

When you are next in the Godolphin Arms ordering a latte, hot chocolate or tea, it may give you pleasure to know that the milk being used has quite possibly come from one of the rarest cow’s in the world, and that they, like the Godolphin Arms, enjoy views of St Michael’s Mount and call Mount’s Bay home.

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