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19 November 2018

Christmas Market - Meet the Maker: Pippa Best, Sea Soul Blessings

Our Cornish Christmas Market is just on the horizon, so join us at the Godolphin Arms to find the perfect gift this festive season, including Sea Soul Blessings by Pippa Best

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a sea-swimming mum of two from Penzance. Sea Soul Blessings is a brand new, and very different, creative offering for me - which makes it both scary and exciting! We only launched at the end of October, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response. I’m so looking forward to sharing them with you all, at what will be our very first Christmas Market, right by the sea.

I work as a writer, coach and feature film screenplay editor, and run an online community and social enterprise supporting mums at Story of Mum. Life as a mum, living by the sea, and all those diverse parts of my working life have taught me the value of stories; of courage, faith, and compassion; of deep connection to the world around us; and the transformative power of taking time out of our busy lives to pause and reflect. Sea Soul Blessings combine all of those things that matter most to me, with the magic of the sea.

What can people expect to find on your stall?

Sea Soul Blessings are tiny boxes of sea wisdom: each box contains a set of beautiful simple blessing cards, accompanied by a little book of guidance straight from the sea. Each blessing offers a moment to pause and reflect: a breath of fresh ocean air, a quiet space, and the revitalising reset of a clear horizon.

People use their Sea Soul Blessings in different ways. Some people simply like the feeling of having the sea in their pocket. Others use them to practice talking kindly to themselves. Most often, people use them as a source of daily encouragement, insight and focus: as gentle prompts towards taking positive steps forward in their lives.

On our stall, we’ll have the cards and mini books to buy separately as well as the box sets. We’ll also have some lovely Sea Soul Blessing postcards to help spread some more courage and kindness. Along with some very special sea soul cuffs and mermaid talismans commissioned from the brilliant Stuff Made From Things.

In my spare moments on the stall, I’m also hoping to offer some Sea Soul Blessing readings - a chance to get a little taste of sea wisdom for free.

Where did you get the idea to make your creations?

The sea! Each time I enter the water, I receive something new - whether that’s a joyful connection with community, the release of physical pain and anxiety, or the idea for Sea Soul Blessings…

Time in or by the sea has become my own self-compassion practice: it’s proof that even on the busiest of days, I am worthy of precious space to tend to my needs.  It’s where I take a moment to pause and reflect on how I’m truly feeling, what I’m capable of, what I need, and what I want to create next. In fact, it’s all of those things that I’ve tried to capture in the Sea Soul Blessings themselves.

What is your favourite part about the creation process?

To be honest, I’ve never experienced a creation process quite like this before. It was pretty mind-blowing - as if Sea Soul Blessings already existed, and I was just the lucky translator - working out how to turn the sea’s images and words into something that others could understand and use.

The cards came to life very quickly, but finding the words to form the accompanying book was a slower process. Each entry came to me as an image or feeling: it was like a little mystery to solve. When I was stuck, my daily trip to the sea would yield answers, often changing how I understood the meaning of the blessing completely. I would return home and write, still salty. Writing felt like sieving words through my fingers like sand. Shifting, changing – until they finally landed, in the right place. Even then, I often didn’t fully understand what they meant - I just knew that they were right.

What inspires you most?

The sea. And the people I meet every day who are brave enough to take small steps forward, to keep learning and growing, even when it’s scary.

Describe your creations in three words

Well, I guess I could say Sea Soul Blessings, but I’ll go with… pocket sea magic!

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