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06 February 2019

Meet the Team - Laura Clerehugh, General Manager

Get to know our team at the Godolphin Arms. Meet Laura Clerehugh, General Manager. Find out about her vision for the Godolphin Arms, her foodie favourites and must-visit spots in West Cornwall.

Please tell us a little about yourself

I have a huge passion for eating and drinking! I would always rather be outside than in, my friends question my holiday choices as I tend to look for adventure rather than relaxation. The team who I work with tease me for bonkers ideas but I like to think that there is method to my madness! Both my parents are in the hospitality industry and there was no chance that I would ever have done anything else, this amazing career continues to challenge and drive me whilst opening up so many opportunities. Dogs are life.  

How long have you been General Manager at the Godolphin Arms?

I joined the team here in Jan ‘18, the first 6 months definitely felt like a whirlwind, my feet only feel to be touching the ground just now and I’m 13 months in!

You previously worked in North Cornwall, what is it that you love about that part of the county?

Mostly the rugged northern coastline with its amazing beaches full of nooks and crannies to explore with the dogs. I also really enjoy the coffee culture in Newquay with its quirky cafés and little independent places to grab a bite to eat. I love the holiday vibe and always found that the guests who I looked after were so open and laid back.

What do you love about working in West Cornwall?

Marazion, in particular, has such a strong community, all the locals take so much pride in the town, the businesses all chat together and so much charity work is carried out. I love that a lot of our local produce is dropped in by the farmers or suppliers in person and how there always seems to be an adventurous story behind so many of the characters and buildings that make up the town of Marazion. Also, as I am now in the south, I can indulge in two of my hobbies, kayaking and scuba diving. The calmer waters this side of the coast are so great exploring the caves by water

What is your vision for the Godolphin Arms?

That’s a tricky one as what I hope to achieve is a feeling more than anything. To sum it up the most important thing to me is to continue to create an open and relaxed space where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable in joining us. Whether it's for coffee and cake, a birthday dinner or a little seaside escape. It's my hope that we can exceed expectations, but also create a feeling of familiarity to our guests, a bit like seeing an old friend I guess!

What do you have planned at the Godolphin Arms this year?

Vibrant menus, a lick of paint, lots of training to develop our cracking team, coffee, events for our community

Where is your favourite place in West Cornwall?

I love Godrevy beach, the rock pools, the sand, the caves and seals and second to Godrevy…. Table 11 in the Godolphin Arms

If you could recommend three places to visit in Cornwall, what would they be?

So ignoring the obvious one – The Godolphin Arms!

St. Michaels Mount

Minack Theatre

Any part of the South West Coast Path, seriously go out and do some walking it’s amazing!

You’re quite the foodie, what would you say is your favourite style of food?

Haha, what day of the week is it? Umm if I had to choose I would say that I most enjoy “tapas” style food. Its the relaxed eating, lots of small plates of different flavours, tear and share food and chatting with friends that draws me in. I like simple dishes done really well, like big fat tiger prawns with good oil, chilli, garlic and fresh lemon mopped up with ciabatta or gooey mozzarella with heritage tomatoes and little basil leaves all pulled together with sea salt and black pepper.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Ice cream – but I don’t feel guilty about it!

How about your favourite cocktail?

I always find it hard to say no to sours. Of any description. Pisco sour, whiskey sour, amaretto sour! It’s the balance of sweet and sour and the silky texture that gets me.

How would you describe the Godolphin Arms in three words?

Active, Friendly, Diverse 

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