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02 April 2019

English Tourism Week - Cornish Favourites by Lisa Withington-Eyre, Head of Housekeeping

This year's English Tourism Week runs from the 30th March - 7th April, and we are celebrating our part of the country by sharing a few of the teams favourite places, activities and products from Cornwall. Lisa Withington-Eyre, our head of housekeeping, shares the spots that her and her family love!

Favourite beach

Hayle – I used to holiday in Cornwall as a kid and this was the beach that we always visited as a family

Favourite dog walk

Marazion to Longrock, it's right on my doorstep!

Favourite dog-friendly restaurant/café

Godolphin Arms, again, it's so easy and local and the restaurant staff are always so welcoming to my dog Smithy.

Favourite family attraction

My daughter Summer, who is 5, loves Paradise Park. It’s great because they have an indoor play area which means it's not weather dependent - it also helps that parents can play in too!

Favourite Cornish food

It has to be a Pasty, steak…

Favourite thing to eat

I am lucky enough to be married to a great chef who cooks up a mean spag bol! He uses really nice mince from Harvey Brothers in Penzance. Its not his favourite thing to cook but its definitely my favourite thing to eat.

Favourite hotel room (other than the Godolphin Arms!)

Being the Head of Housekeeping it's great to see how others take care of their hotels. I have to say that the rooms in our sister hotel, the Mount Haven, are beautiful. They have just had their restaurant refurbished and I can’t wait to stay and have the full experience. (Note - ask for a balcony!)

Favourite Cornish Products

I love the Jo Downs glass coasters that depict St Michael's Mount. Also, we have just taken delivery of stick stunning canvas’ by local artist Amanda Slade. The artwork can be seen in the sea view bedrooms here at the Godolphin Arms - I just love the colours and the nod to Cornwall.

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